International Association Children's Active Play & Sports 

CAPS National Branch Benefits


  • Use of CAPS logo (website, social media channels, shirts ...)
  • Listing of your company/contact information, products, services on all CAPS online properties
  • Ability to accredit your own educational materials by CAPS (for a fee)


  • Hosting and holding CAPS standard workshops
  • Hosting your own teacher training workshops and children active play sports events approved by CAPS
  • Promotion of your CAPS workshops to the entire CAPS community ( Email, social channels, website listing)
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  • Full-year access to P.E. curriculums provided by the Motor Skill Learning Academy Switzerland
  • Discounts for participating in all CAPS courses/workshops
  • Selling your own educational materials through CAPS (lesson plans, videos, books...) 

Membership Fees

  • Category 1 (low Income) 99.-
  • Category 2 (medium income) 149.-
  • Category 3 (high income) 249.-  

(Membership fees are calculated based on the average disposable income in your country’s capital)

Steps to Take 

to become a CAPS National Branch