International Association Children's Active Play & Sports 

Fees for National CAPS Branches

Membership fees are calculated based on the average disposable income in your country’s capital .  

 Contact CAPS prior to registering to find out your category.

  • Category 1 (low income) 99.- (Per Year)
  • Category 2 (medium income) 149.- (Per Year)
  • Category 3 (high income) 249.- (Per Year)
Apply to become a National CAPS Branch

Steps to become a National CAPS Branch

Step 1: Apply on our website to become a CAPS national branch for your country. (must include detailed plans for promoting CAPS in your country)  

Step 2: CAPS board will approve your application within 2 weeks or will contact you for additional information to gain approval.  

Step 3 If approved, pay the yearly registration fee. The yearly CAPS national branch membership fee is determined by the national disposable income pre country (link) Once paid in full, you will be sent an automated confirmation confirming your entity as the official national CAPS branch.  


Elevate your Status

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Apply to become a National Branch

CAPS national branches duties:

1. To recruit a minimum of 15 individual, 10 organizational CAPS members per year (60 % of the membership fee goes to national branch) 2. To organize or facilitate the organization of a minimum of one Standard CAPS workshop or course at least once every two years (20% of registration fee per participant goes to CAPS) 3. To organize and hold at least one workshop or course related to children’s active play & sport approved by the CAPS board every two years. (10 % of registration fee per participant goes to CAPS) 4. The national branch should provide an annual report no later than September 1st of any given year to ensure the information can be included in the CAPS Annual Report. 5. Provide workshop and event coverage (images, videos,...) to CAPS no later than one week after holding an event. 6. Add a link back to CAPS website from your website.  

CAPS national branch terms


  • By written resignation to the CAPS board by the national branch at least six months before the end of the financial year. 
  • By exclusion ordered by the general assembly, for just cause, with a right of appeal to the CAPS board. Appeals must be lodged within 30 days of the board’s decision.
  • By Failing to pay annual membership fees 
  • By violation or non-compliance of CAPS terms & duties In all cases, the membership fee for the current year remains due